Manti are steamed parcels filled with goodness. One bite and you are hooked!

In other words, it’s a type of ravioli that originated from the central Asian republics but never had the chance to make it to Italy.

Throughout the years, it became a very popular dish all over Russia and post-Soviet countries and nowadays is the pride and joy of Uzbekistan.

Manti typically consist of a meat mixture, usually lamb or beef in a dough wrapper, steamed to perfection. Served with a side of fresh tomato and coriander dip inspired from “Achichuk” a very popular Uzbek salad.

Manti is must try dish for all foodies and a people pleaser for any occasion!

Our Promise: We will make no compromise on quality, we love them so much, we put our heart and soul in it and it gives us pleasure to introduce them to your table. We use only natural product and no food additive; Each Manti is made individually, manually cut filling and moulded.

Have a look at our menu and let yourself be tempted by these unique delicacies.

The Afghan dish of mantoo was prepared by women in the Kapisa Women's Shelter for U.S. soldiers serving with the Female Engagement Team, Kentucky National Guard Agribusiness Development Team 3, Task Force Hurricane, Mahmod-e Raqi District, Kapisa province, Afghanistan, Dec. 31, 2011. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Amber Leach)
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On our menu, we strictly follow the traditional way of preparing and cooking Manti.
It means that all stuffing ingredients are carefully selected and cut by hand and each parcels is made individually by hand.
Manti has to be enjoyed steaming hot, straight from the authentic Manti steamer and for any occasion.


All Manti fillings are folded in a thin dough and steamed to perfection


This Manti selection have been created especially for all the sweet tooth out there.