It happened one day in 1993, when Harry took his home made veggie burgers into Allan’s Gladesville health food shop to see if they could be sold in the sandwich bar. Allan’s customers loved them but wanted to know the ingredients. Harry would only divulge those that concerned food allergies, keeping the rest of his recipe secret. Tragedy struck Harry in 1994 when he succumbed to Lupus, leaving Allan without a supplier. No-one knew Harry’s recipe but Allan’s customers kept asking for burgers. Recognising the demand Allan set out to make a replacement.

He took some ingredients from his shop, added a few more from cook books and friends and started in his home kitchen. His friend Abe, a retired teacher and vegan cook offered to help. Shop customers were Allan’s taste panel, advising that ‘this’ and ‘that’ be added to next week’s production. By November, customers liked Allan’s burger so much he decided to buy a commercial oven and increase production. Retail and food service packaging and Uncle Harry’s Natraburgers were introduced at the 1995 Sydney Fine Food Show. Over 300 inquiries were received and the business was on its way.