When it comes to veggie burgers they all seem to be made of soy labelled as TVP or tofu, lentils, chickpeas or even potatoes which are good and cheap ingredients that need to be enhanced with code numbered additives known and pronounceable only by food technologists to make those foods edible. The Natty inventor, Allan Rodd,(above R) believes Australians want to eat real food, so in all his soy-free vegetarian foods he uses 100% fresh Australian vegetables and locally harvested whole grains and sunflower seeds but leaves out any coded additives, sugar, and yeast. Using only eight common ingredients: carrots, celery, onions, parsley, wheat, barley, rice, and sunflower seeds plus herbs and spices, sunflower oil and water, he describes his satisfying Natty Burgers® as ”baked like bread and served like meat”. Uncle Harry’s range of soy-free, low in fat, foods are exactly what nutritionists recommend the 67% of overweight and obese Australians eat to replace the junk food in their diets.

The healthy food of the future is here today!

Futurists who predict foods will be concentrated tablets filled with nutrients to nourish our bodies and satisfy hunger may recognize those foods are being made now in Uncle Harry’s Homebush West factory. Rodd, a slogan oriented marketer, has been quietly test marketing his burgers in Sydney for the last 15 years delighting his customers with: “There’s nothing naughty in a Natty”, and “The fresh ingredients in Uncle Harry’s foods will help you live longer or your money back” Initially, Rodd’s idea was to create a new burger for his shop’s sandwich bar. When lunch sales boomed, the former corporate marketing executive began offering the burgers to cafes, hospitals, universities and other health food shops expanding initial production from the back room of his Gladesville Health food shop to a modern purpose built Homebush West factory.